Evony best wall general combination This. These are hard get past 5 star unless you are big spender you won't be able to max as high as some other generals. Lautaro – Specialities. 15-30% of your second tier ground. . Increases Troop Load by 100% when General is leading the army. Do not waste resources on low-level troops. If you do not, that wave will count as a defeat. It's the tankiest of all types and is a great counter to archers. But still, it’s best to have a few cavalry troops in your army, a little more ground troops, and the main forces should be. This guide will help you clear some of the fog. So, flat refines all the way if you have a lot of t1 cav. Web So many things have changed about Evony in recent years. 12/2/2021 – Added Nordic Barbarian King. ago. Best of Assistant Generals: Ranged PvP. . 4 golds (1 general), 3 oranges (2 generals) Less than $5,000 per year (k33, 320M) 3 oranges (2 generals) $500 per year (k30, 140M) 3 purples (1 general) Runestones are extremely valuable. . I dont have Joseph. (See below for the specific number. As well as each Blazon having an Element, they also each have a specific Blazon Set they are part of. The following 3 types. . If Evony were to “fix” him, so that he could use the Mounted Attack Increase Skill Book, he would rank much higher, and his Recommended Specialty Level would need to be adjusted accordingly. Main General: Queen Jindeok. You can switch between them depending on situation and bluff enemy. 1 Star – Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Defense +10% and. 1 Star – Mounted Troop Attack +5% and Defense +10%. How to Defend City in Evony the Most Effectively. . When I put a general with a specialty on the wall as an assistant, his specialties are all coloured (not greyed out). Equipment Guide. ) However, the total value B is very good and ranks 3rd after Leo III and Yodo-dono. I've been playing for a while, and am wanting to know what you guys think the best wall defense combination is. I don't have Simeon. 1 Star – Mounted Troop Attack +10%. .
Rank F. I have Jadwiga and Budika. So same variation can be achieved by having Joseph and Robert Bruce. Sangra69 • 9 mo. General EXP can be earned by hunting monsters, but it is too inefficient. Post not marked as liked 10. all of these new generals don't seem to work fully as assistants to the top tier generals. Generals act as the Monarch's leaders. If forced, Boudica is the best, but there is no dramatic difference from the others. Best Attacking Ranged/Archer Generals in Evony. Skill – Double Items Drop Rate +25%; Specialties (ONLY 3) – Mounted Attack +20%, HP+10%, Defense +20%, Enemy Troop. The 9th Civilization Set, the Augustus Set can be used as a Subordinate City Battle (PvP) General (Mayor) Set (or Debuff Set), or as a Siege PvP Set. Evony Equipment Crafting Requirements. 1. The longer the range, the more one-sidedly you can attack the enemy until they reach your troops. . These skills are unlocked once the Evony General reaches level 25. 8% buff from one Blazon. Albert Smith. Below is a comparison of the four (4) best options for In-City Defense (Main Wall) PvP Gear. mythicsaint • 1 yr. . There are 3 key requirements that must be met when crafting equipment in Evony. Generals act as the Monarch's leaders. . Assign a duty officer to your troop buildings when you are building many troops.

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